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All structures (except Tent, Pallet and Bonfire) can only be placed inside of the House. To place a structure, click and drag it out from your inventory bar to the map, and drop it on the spot you want it.

You can also remove some structures using the Hammer, which will break them apart and give you back most of the component parts they were built with. This is helpful if you want to move a structure to another place.

Icon Name Crafting Materials Blueprint Info
Pallet Grass x8
Sapling x2
Tutorial Lets you recover Energy and Health by sleeping. Needs to be fixed after each use.
Structure tent1.png
Tent Wood Log x10
Stone x8
Tutorial Lets you recover Energy and Health by sleeping.
Structure bonfire2.png
Bonfire Stone x6
Wood Log x10
Tutorial Allows you to cook meat, and maybe other things
Structure house.png
House Wood Log x50
Stone x50
Gold Coins x200
Bought for 32490 gold in town. A full fledged home. Contains usable furniture and a basement to place working structures. Your house also comes pre-furnished with:
  • a Wardrobe to style your character.
  • a Safe to store items.
  • a Bed to rest and recover Energy and Health.
  • A table and chairs.
Structure kitchen.png
Kitchen Wood Log x8
Stone x4
Bought for 582 gold in town. Has everything you need to cook any recipe.
Structure forge.png
Forge Wood Log x4
Stone x2
Iron Nugget x8
Bought for 6042 gold in town. Essential for crafting strong iron tools, especially weapons.
Structure grindstone1.png
Grindstone Wood Log x10
Stone x2
Bought for 582 gold in town. Raw food can be refined and crumbled down with this tool.
Structure alchemytable.png
Alchemy Table Stone x6
Wood Log x6
Iron Nugget x6
Bought for 5238 gold in town. A workplace for preparing less conventional drinks...