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Potions can be bought in the market.

You can also craft potions at the Alchemy Table in your House. First, you need a potion scroll, to learn the skill.

Icon Name Crafting Materials Info
Potion base1.png
Base Potion Can be purchased from the merchants of the city. The base potion for all crafting.
Potion damage1.png
Strength Potion Base Potion x1
Echinacea x5
This potion will make you stronger in combat for a short period of time. Strenght Status
Potion defence1.png
Defence Potion Base Potion x1
Lavender x5
This potion will increase your ability to sustain damage for a short period of time. Defense Status
Potion health1.png
Life Potion Base Potion x1
Mushrooms x5
Recover your health with this potion. Health Status
Potion speed1.png
Speed Potion Base Potion x1
Mint x5
This potion will make you walk faster for a short period of time. Speed Status
Potion stamina1.png
Stamina Potion Base Potion x1
Hypericum x5
Replenish some stamina over time with this potion. Stamina Status