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Weapons are used to fight against the Enemies of the Wildlands. The weapons can be crafted from the toolbar crafting menu.

You can use Tools as a weapon too, but are less effective, in general, is better just craft a Spear than use any other tool to fight.

Combat[edit | edit source]

The combat system of FeudaLife is a little bit strategic.
Before the attack, the player will charge a little bit the Weapon (the charging time is very short, but enemies can easily hit you at that moment because the player stops his movement to charge), after that, the attack will start.

Weapons type[edit | edit source]

Icon Name Crafting Materials Damage Info
Tool sword1.png
Sword Sapling x2 Flint x3 (requires the Forge to craft) 7-8 The best defense is a good offense, said general Eduardo before falling to his death.
Tools spear.png
Spear Sapling x3 Flint x2 5-6 The best offensive tool you can get with to little materials.
Tool axe1.png
Tools Tools requeriments All tools has between 2-3 of damage. Only use it if you lost your normal weapons.