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:*Improved lighting behavior of day/night cycle.
:*Improved lighting behavior of day/night cycle.
:*Other minor fixes.
:*Other minor fixes.
:*lot of bugfixing!
===='''<span id=""></span>''' ''(06-08-2019)''====
===='''<span id=""></span>''' ''(06-08-2019)''====

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Feudalife runs best on Google Chrome.
New versions are rolled out automatically. If any problem occurs when playing a new version for the first time, clearing the browser cache might help. Please note some browser plugins may cause undesired behavior in the game. For further help, head to the official forums. (07-08-2019)

  • When the Farm owner disconnects, all visitors will be disconnected too.
  • Removing tree stumps with the Shovel is now synced.
  • Entrances to Wildlands and Town are now locked when visiting a Farm.
  • Axe and Pickaxe will no longer wear while visiting a Farm.
  • Improved lighting behavior of day/night cycle.
  • Other minor fixes.
  • lot of bugfixing! (06-08-2019)

  • Added preview online mutiplayer functionalities.
  • Fixed first day of the game not actually starting at morning.
  • Fixed sending duplicate mails.
  • Other minor fixes. (19-07-2019)

  • First day of the game now always starts at morning.
  • Fixed old quests reappearing when going to the Town and coming back to the Farm. (18-07-2019)

  • Fixed missing gold icon from House recipe.
  • Fixed bonfire always appearing illuminated.
  • Game clock is now globally synced and will update on browser refocus.
  • Other minor fixes. (17-07-2019)

  • Fixed New Game button not starting a new game, but loading the previous save.
  • Fixed inventory being interactable while Merchant panel was open.
  • Fixed generation of an "undefined" item when buying all the items of a merchant.
  • Fixed crashes when changing scene.
  • Items in the farm regrow faster.
  • Added some missing character sprites.
  • Other under the hood fixes. (16-07-2019)

  • Feedback button now redirects to the new IndieGala forum.
  • Fixed Archer shooting arrows repeatedly.
  • Fixed some issues in the fleeing behavior of mobs.
  • Fixed pickable plants disappearing if picking them when inventory and backpack are full.
  • Fixed some UI items sorting issues.
  • Updated some old texts with new fonts.
  • Other minor fixes. (15-07-2019)

  • Player character can now be customized using the wardrobe.
  • Items dropped in wildlands due to death are now saved and can be recovered.
  • Added more hints to NPC characters.
  • Player attack speed is faster.
  • Fixed Archer behavior and bugs, plus a general issue with mobs.
  • Fixed missing icons in recipe overlays.
  • Fixed steps sound not stopping in certain conditions.
  • Fixed weapons continuing to hit mobs if player died while attacking.
  • Other minor fixes. (09-07-2019)

  • Attacks now have variable damage, plus a chance of critical damage.
  • Attack damage is shown above player and enemies.
  • Added Olive trees in the wildlands.
  • House now will take some minutes to build.
  • New fonts for most of the UI (more will be covered later).
  • Fixed town being unlocked from the very beginning.
  • Other minor fixes and changes to certain mobs. (08-07-2019)

  • Cooking items that aren't meant to be cooked now produces goop.
  • Building the house now has an additonal cost in gold.
  • Fixed potion statuses still active after dying.
  • Fixed bonfire not being dismantled by hammer.
  • Fixed missing Sword recipe in the crafting bar (regression).
  • Fixed other recipe unlocking issues.
  • Fixed empty house on startup. (05-07-2019)

  • Player attack speed has been slowed down, making combat more strategic.
  • Made Bonfire cheaper to build and to revive.
  • Life potion recovers health slowly instead of being single-shot.
  • Merchant panel now shows correct item cost when buying.
  • Mobs lifebar width largely reflects max HP of the mob.
  • Fixed eating food not recovering health.
  • Fixed Porcini Mushrooms not spawning in wildlands.
  • Fixed missing Sword recipe in the crafting bar.
  • Fixed most potions not applying any effect.
  • Fixed Strength Potion Scroll not unlocking the recipe. (04-07-2019)

  • Saplings now spawn in wildlands too.
  • Dismantled structures now drop back half of the materials used to build.
  • Items in merchant panel now show their buying and selling price.
  • Added lifebar for mobs.
  • Added missing sprites for bear death animation.
  • Fixed structures leaving tiles unusable when dismantled.
  • Fixed scrolling issues in the crafting bar.
  • Fixed in-house structures not being dismantled by hammer.
  • Fixed crash inside the house when equpping certain tools.
  • Fixed some action issues with the hammer.
  • Fixed item names not showing in inventories.
  • Other minor fixes to gameplay and UI. (03-07-2019)

  • Mobs don't stop their action if hit while charging an attack.
  • Fixed excessive grow time of plants and crops.
  • Sickle and Spear now wear with use.
  • Merchants items are now ordered.
  • Fixed a bug where it was possible to consume non-consumable items.
  • Fixed some missing graphics on a mission summary. (02-07-2019)

All savedata from previous version is incompatible with this version and will be reset.

  • Quests progression has been changed.
  • Stamina consumption has been halved.
  • Plants now grow one stage per day.
  • Tent will no longer break after each use.
  • Added Pallet, a cheap, single-use grass bed made for emergencies.
  • Added Hammer, a tool for dismantling structures.
  • Added different merchants in the town, selling different items.
  • New mails are delivered during quest progression.
  • House and structures are unlocked with blueprints.
  • Other minor fixes to interface and gameplay. (27-06-2019)

  • Fixed 3/4 of the screen area not responding to clicks when playing fullscreen.
  • Letters and crafted items on the craft bar are now being saved across different game sessions. (26-06-2019)

  • Fixed pixel-perfect rendering issues. (26-06-2019)

  • Added settings screen with volume controls.
  • Fixed some wildlands areas being empty and other issues.
  • Fixed case where items would appear back in inventory after selling them.
  • Mission info popups are visible again in the journal panel.
  • Minor updates to some graphics and sounds.
  • Other minor fixes. (25-06-2019)

  • Fixed crash when the pidgeon spawns while the mailbox is out of sight.
  • Wildlands generation improved.
  • More horizontal space in the house basement.
  • Disabled wardrobe inside the house.
  • Added dock tooltips.
  • Inactive dock buttons are now greyed out.
  • Other minor fixes. (21-06-2019)

  • First public release.