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Tools help you get things done in the world. You can carry them with you in your backpack for ready use, or store them in a chest when not immediately needed.

Crafting[edit | edit source]

Tools can be crafted from the crafting toolbar from the very start of the game.
Most of the tools use Saplings and Flint as principal material to craft.

Energy Drain[edit | edit source]

Every time you use a tool, the Energy will decrease a bit. When your Energy drops to 0, your attacks and general movement will slow down a lot.

Durability[edit | edit source]

Each tool has durability, times that could be used before breaking up.

Icon Name Crafting Materials Durability Info
Tool axe1.png
Axe Sapling x2
Flint x1
128 Use this to chop down trees.
Tool pickaxe1.png
Pickaxe Sapling x2
Flint x2
139 Can easily mine boulders.
Tool sickle1.png
Sickle Sapling x2
Flint x2
Perfect for cutting tall grass away.
Tool hoe1.png
Hoe Sapling x8
Flint x2
Essential for preparing the ground. You may first need to remove grass with a shovel.
Tool wateringcan1.png
Watering Can Sapling x5 Keep your crops fresh with this. They'll grow if you're patient, but you have to keep watering!
Tool shovel1.png
Shovel Sapling x8
Flint x2
Useful for removing stuff from the ground, such as tree stumps and grass.
Tool hammer1.png
Hammer Sapling x2
Flint x3
Usable to break down structures and obtain most of the materials back.