From feudalife

After reading the first letter in your Mailbox, you will start receiving different types of quests.

Crafting basics

"Pick up raw materials from the ground and use them to craft an Axe, a Pickaxe and a Sickle"

A little rest

"Mow wild grass and get saplings to gather resources and build a pallet"

Farm essentials

"Using raw materials, craft a Hoe, an Watering Can and a Shovel."

Producing food

"Sow seeds in the soil using the hoe. Water them at the beginning and each time they grow. It will take time!"

Helter Shelter

"Chop trees and mine rocks to gather resources and build a tent."

Back to the Primitive

"Gather the required materials and build a spear. This way you will be able to hunt down wild animals."

Wild Hunt

"Hunt down some animals in the Wild lands and collect 10 pieces of meat."

Master Chef?

"Build a Bonfire and start cooking."