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Online play is unlocked after completing the Quest called Master Chef. The player will receive a new Letter about it, and a Farmboard will appear in the player's Farm, on the opposite side of the road where the Mailbox is.

Visiting other players' Farms[edit | edit source]

Interacting with the Farmboard will open up the Farmboard Panel, which shows a list of currently connected players. The list shows both players who already have a Farmboard and players who don't have it yet. Some statistics are shown for each player, like name and amount of certain elements in their Farm.
Clicking an entry will load the selected Farm, and both the owner and the visitor players will see each other there.
Players can go back to their own Farm by clicking on the Farmboard List button on the UI the top-right, below the clock.

Interacting as a visitor[edit | edit source]

While visiting another player's Farm the available set of actions is limited, to avoid causing trouble to the owner and ruining their place. Currently, it's possible to:

  • Mine rocks
  • Chop trees
  • Water plants
  • Pick crops

No other actions are permitted to visitors, such as picking up materials from the ground, using other tools or interacting with structures.
Each of these actions will be paid a certain amount of Gold to the visitor, as a reward for doing work for another player. The owner will not lose any Gold. When visiting, items in the Inventory are carried over. This way a visiting player can bring its own tools to work in the Farm. Tools such as the Axe or the Pickaxe will not wear while working in another Farm. It's not possible to drop items from the Inventory to the ground while visiting a Farm.