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In town, you can find the info-dispensing Villager NPC, as well as Merchant NPCs who trade items for gold.


Npc talking.png

The Villager offers tips and can tell you about the world.

  • "All crops can be sold to merchants. Better than letting them rot!"
  • "Crops need water to grow. If the underneath soil is dry, it means it's time to water them."
  • "Did you already get some exotic seeds from the Wild?"
  • "Did you know that you can recover all stamina by sleeping in a tent or a bed?"
  • "Drinking the same kind of potion multiple times will extend the duration of the effect!"
  • "If you are far into the wild and are in danger, search for the nearest road sign to go back home."
  • "If your main weapon breaks, you can still try to hit mobs with other tools."
  • "In the Market you will be able to buy and sell stuff. It's still a bit empty today."
  • "In the Wild you can find all sorts of wild grass and medicines, you can craft potions with those."
  • "King Thistle is an honest man. We owe much to him."
  • "Pay attention to what you carry in the Wild. If you faint there, you will drop all your stuff!"
  • "Plants and trees take some time to grow, but they'll grow while you are out of the Farm."
  • "Remember to keep an eye on your life and stamina. They won't recover by themselves!"
  • "The farm is a safe place. Nothing will hurt you while you're there!"
  • "The people here deliver letters with pidgeons(sic). If a pidgeon approaches your mailbox, well, you got mail!"
  • "The Wild is quite a dangerous place, but it's full of interesting items too."
  • "Wonderful day isn't it?"
  • "You can use the shovel to remove grass from the ground. A good way to draw a path."
  • "You can use the wardrobe in your house to change your clothes."


There are three types of merchants in the City: the Common Merchant, Blueprints Merchant, and Potions Merchant. All merchants sell their items for gold, and items can be sold to them for gold. Note that merchants only pay 30% of the value of an item, rounded down: if you buy an item for 57ȼ and then sell it back, you will be paid 17ȼ for it (57*0.3=17.1). All merchants can buy the same items and will pay the same prices.

Common Merchant

Npc merchant a.png
Npc merchant b.png

This merchant sells different seeds for planting on your farm.

Price List

Icon Name Price
Seeds red beans1.png
Red Beans Seeds ȼ57
Seeds tomato.png
Tomato Seeds ȼ57
Seeds carrot.png
Carrot Seeds ȼ57
Seeds onion.png
Onion Seeds ȼ57
Seeds wheat1.png
Wheat Seeds ȼ57
Seeds aubergine.png
Aubergine Seeds ȼ57
Seeds cauliflower.png
Cauliflower Seeds ȼ57
Seeds corn.png
Corn Seeds ȼ57
Seeds garlic.png
Garlic Seeds ȼ57
Seeds grape.png
Grape Seeds ȼ57
Seeds hop.png
Hop Seeds ȼ57
Seeds potato.png
Potato Seeds ȼ57
Seeds pumpkin.png
Pumpkin Seeds ȼ57
Seeds redcabbage.png
Red Cabbage Seeds ȼ57
Seeds strawberry.png
Strawberry Seeds ȼ57
Seeds sweet beet.png
Sugar Beet Seeds ȼ57

Blueprint Merchant

Npc merchant blueprints a.png
Npc merchant blueprints b.png

This merchant sells different blueprints. Blueprints can be used to learn how to build different structures that can be placed on your farm.

Price List

Icon Name Price
House Blueprint ȼ32490
Kitchen Blueprint ȼ582
Forge Blueprint ȼ6042
Alchemy Table Blueprint ȼ5238
Grindstone Blueprint ȼ582

Potion Merchant

Npc merchant potions a.png
Npc merchant potions b.png

This merchant sells different potions and scrolls. Scrolls can be used to learn how to craft potions at the Alchemy Table.

Price List

Icon Name Price
Potion base1.png
Base Potion ȼ440
Potion health1.png
Life Potion ȼ440
Potion stamina1.png
Stamina Potion ȼ440
Potion defence1.png
Defence Potion ȼ440
Potion speed1.png
Speed Potion ȼ440
Potion damage1.png
Strength Potion ȼ440
Life Potion Scroll ȼ1320
Stamina Potion Scroll ȼ1320
Defence Potion Scroll ȼ1320
Speed Potion Scroll ȼ1320
Strength Potion Scroll ȼ1320